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 the hot guy from nancy ajram's video clips...

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PostSubject: the hot guy from nancy ajram's video clips...   Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:25 pm

died Crying or Very sad

Samer Elias, this name might not be very familiar to you, but the face is.
Samer Elias is the handsome young man that stars alongside Nancy Ajram in the clip "Inta Eh" and with Nawal Zoghbi in her clip "Albi Isaalu".
28-year-old Samer, passed away after suffering very high blood pressure and a brain stroke.
You would wonder why a young, fit and healthy man would suffer from a stroke ... but the answer is easy; Samer used HGH, hormones injected into the muscles to enhances tissue growth and give a pumped up look.

Samer, who was taken to the ICU at Aljiatawi hospital in Lebanon, didn't last long.
He died with his friend, director Yahia Saada by his side.
Samer's body will be transported today to his mother land, Syria, where he will be buried.

I hope this will be a wake up call to all young men who are using HGH.
It's dangerous and your muscles aren't worth the risk!

Rest in Peace ...



بيحسدونى عليك ياللى ماليش بعديك
انا كنت ايه قبليك اياك تغيب عنى
انا قلبى لما لقاك حب الحياه وياك
تخلص حياتى فداك ولا يوم تروح منى
ومهما هيحصل ليا انا تحت أمر عينيك
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the hot guy from nancy ajram's video clips...
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