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 Mariah Is a Little...Yeah

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PostSubject: Mariah Is a Little...Yeah   Wed Jan 06, 2010 4:54 pm

Mariah Is a Little...Yeah
by Mike Krumboltz · January 6, 2010

Mariah Carey is a hugely successful singer. And after her acclaimed performance in "Precious," folks are starting to forgive her for "Glitter." But just because a diva can sing and act doesn't mean she can give a speech that makes sense.

At Tuesday night's Palm Springs Film Festival, Ms. Carey took the stage to accept an award for Breakthrough Actress. However, anyone expecting eloquence was in for a bit of a surprise. With "Precious" director Lee Daniels egging her on, Mariah gave a rambling speech full of non sequiturs. Had the performer been celebrating a bit early?

We first saw the cuckoo clip on TMZ. Web searchers are clearly interested in seeing Carey's random remarks. Lookups on "mariah carey speech" are beginning to climb, and related queries on "palm springs film festival" and "mariah carey red carpet" are also staggering upwards.

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Mariah Is a Little...Yeah
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